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Welcome to Crossroads Church.  Thank you for coming; it is my hope that you have a positive first experience with us.  Foundationally, we are a Bible based church committed to living in the fullness of life offered in Jesus Christ.  In addition, our members are committed to being part of a community where they are loved, encouraged, accepted and challenged.   Our passion is supporting each other in our daily lives and providing a safe place for all to come and worship, share and grow in the Christian faith.  We would love for you, your family and your friends to come and participate in the Crossroad's experience.

In His Spirit, Pastor Mark B. Clements


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10:30 am Sundays


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Join us as we gather together as the Body of Christ to spend time in gospel-centered worship, community, service and discipleship.  Christ promised that His life and resurrection provided us a path to living life in its fullness (John 10:10): a joy-filled, hope-saturated, unshakable fullness. A life of fullness that is possible even in the midst of everyday responsibilities. We praise and celebrate the grand story of how God's love has invaded the darkness of this fallen world and our fallen lives to redeem us in the here and now. It is our hope and prayer that your soul finds a place to rest, restore and grow within this community of grace, as together we learn how to live as a people loved and redeemed.


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