We believe In helping children grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


We welcome all children from age one through age three to join us in the upstairs Nursery during our regular Sunday worship time. There are two nursery volunteers caring for your child at all times. Your child will enjoy playing with other children their age.

We have many safe, fun toys for them to play with: a felt board with Bible story characters, adorable dolls with clothing, building blocks, Legos, a farm house with animals, musical toys, a soft town community play mat with cars, creative kitchen and books for all ages.

There are coloring activities available, and we love to sing songs with the children. A snack of graham crackers, raisins and water will be provided; we ask that you don’t bring a specific snack for your child due to other children’s possible allergies. There is a small restroom connected to the nursery if your child is potty trained.

We will connect with you during service if your child would need to have their diaper changed. We welcome the opportunity to care for your child and share Jesus with them.


The preschool sunday-school classroom is geared for kid's ages 3-5. Here in the preschool sunday school classroom we encourage the kids to have fun, participate and most importantly learn about Jesus! During the hour together we spend our time learning how to pray together during our "joys and prayers" time, worship together through song and dance, get creative with coloring and crafts and incorporate a short lesson from a story or theme from the bible. 

We encouraged the kids to memorize a word or short verse from the lesson with hopes they can share with their family after church. We will occasionally serve refreshments but always double check with parent(s) prior to class starting to check for food allergies. We are a peanut free church and always take allergies into consideration. If allergies are present, we will not serve refreshments so no child is left out. During nicer weather we at times will be outside for a game or activity. From learning about the fruits of the spirit, playing "books-of-the-bible" hopscotch to acting out a play about Jonah and the Whale, we want to make sure the hour is filled with fun!


The Sunday School classroom is geared for kids in grades one through three. This classroom mimics the same teaching that is done in the preschool classroom, so that all of our children are learning the same things. The teaching here in Sunday School, is just done at a higher level. We want the children to have fun, to participate and most importantly – to learn about Jesus.

During the summer, both the preschool and the Sunday School classes are recessed from June 2 through July 7.  From July 14 through Labor Day, these two classes are combined to maximize time and volunteers. We will be offering outdoor learning activities (weather permitting) as well as Christian movies and indoor games. 

We love your children and welcome the opportunity to share Jesus with them through prayer, teaching and songs.