Tween Time

Join us Tuesdays 6p-7:30p for Tween Time! Open to grades 4th-6th.

Optional: Bring your dinner at 5:30p so we can visit during a meal together.


We believe In helping children grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We believe

Children need a safe and nurturing place to experience God’s love.

We believe

Children need small groups where they can know and be known, love and be loved, celebrate and be celebrated.

We believe

Children can be creatively taught Biblical truths, which are relevant to their lives.

We believe

Fellowship should be enjoyable!

We believe

Children should know without a doubt they are valued by God and our local churches.

Who is Leading Tween Time?



Since I work at Lakeway Elementary School, your child may already know me. I have been a Para-educator for 14 years. I have four grown children and two grandchildren. My husband Jeff and I attend Crossroads Church. The Lord called us further into ministry when we started Spirit Revolution Outreach Ministry. My heart is with these 4th-6th graders as they enter the teenage years in our culture today, which can be intimidating. Tween Time provides a safe, fun environment where kids can share and grow. This is THEIR time!



I have always wanted to be involved in some sort of children’s ministry. I love the innocence and simplicity that children possess and I would like to encourage/maintain those aspects in our community’s children. I was born and raised in Littleton along with my two brothers and one younger sister. I have loved being active ever since I was a little kid, whether that be in sports or just exploring the woods behind my family’s house. I went to Gordon College and graduated with a bachelor in Marine Biology. My wife and I just adopted our first child this past summer.



I have a sixteen year old daughter Falon. I’ve been walking with Jesus for four years! He has called me higher! He brought me through a recovery and discipleship program in New York where I first truly experienced His amazing, redeeming grace. After New York, I served at another ministry for a year. Now I live in Littleton with Falon. I continue to grow as a mother by His strength! The support of our church family is so important to us. I am blessed and honored to be a part of local kids’ lives through Tween Time. It brings such joy to my day every single Tuesday!