Gov. Sununu issued Emergency Order #74, mandating the wearing of masks indoors and outdoors in places where the public can gather, and if social distancing of 6 ft. cannot be achieved. Simply put, for churches:
  1. EITHER family groups/members of the same household must maintain 6 ft. separation OR they must wear masks (see 1.)
  2. There is a notable exception for anyone performing a "religious" or "musical"..."presentation or performance for an audience"; so pastors and worship leaders can lead their congregations without masks (see 5.e.)
We will be following these guidelines beginning this Sunday.  Please wear a mask while you are moving around in the building but once you are seated and maintaining a 6ft separation, you may remove your mask.  There will still be Sunday school, Tweens and nursery.  Nursery kids are not required to wear masks.  Sunday school and Tweens leaders will adapt depending on the size and makeup of their classes. 
I know this is an inconvenience and one that none of us welcome but let's make the best of it, honor the authorities God has placed over us and pray this all ends very soon!    

We will have some masks available but we request you to bring your own mask if you have one. 

Everyone will be asked a series of questions regarding the symptoms of covid-19 before entering the church (see #7 in the guidelines).  Anyone unable to answer the questions appropriately will not be allowed in the church. Therefore, we ask you to stay home and join us on Facebook Live, if you or anyone in your family is feeling sick, has Covid-19 symptoms, or has potentially been exposed to someone who has been confirmed with or suspected of having Covid-19.  In addition, within the past 14 days if you or anyone you live with has either traveled (1) internationally, (2) by cruise ship, or (3) domestically (within the U.S.) on public transportation outside of NH, VT, or ME (bus, train, plane, etc.), we ask that you stay home and join us on Facebook Live for services.

**We will have people stationed outside and inside the church helping with traffic flow and social distancing. We ask that you follow their directions and look for and follow any signs and/or floor markings as you enter the church. The upstairs including the restroom will be closed.

**Hand sanitizers will be located in several places in the church.

**Chairs will be positioned in such a way as to promote social distancing, yet allow families to sit together.

**The church will be thoroughly cleaned before each service.

**If you desire, you may bring your own camp chair to sit in.

**The coffee nook will be closed.  Bring your own coffee if you desire.