Global Impact

Crossroads Church supports several missionaries on a regular basis both through prayer and financial support.



Jason and Myra Deford, with their children Tahlia and Raphael, are missionaries with Create International Ministry in Melbourne, Australia.  Discipleship tools are being created to help new believers in unreached people groups understand how they could start contextual home fellowships that are both faithful to Scripture and relevant to their culture.  Their vision internationally, is to spread the Gospel around the world and make disciples of Jesus through culturally relevant creative media.  Their vision locally, is to lead Afghans in Melbourne into a relationship and discipleship with Jesus.  Their desire is to advance the kingdom of God among media practitioners locally and globally.

Contact information:   Create International



Laura Collins is our missionary with CRU:  Campus Crusade for Christ International in the U.S.  Their mission is to win, build and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples.  Their vision is to have movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.  Their values include faith, growth and fruitfulness.  CRU is on 5,300 campuses worldwide helping students come to know Jesus, to grow in their faith, and to go to their families, communities and the world to share God’s love. 


After serving in Boston for the past two years, she will now be serving in Michigan at Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley University in the fall of 2019.   Laura is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by introducing people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith, and sending them to introduce and build others and helping the body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways. 


This summer Laura Collins is assigned to “Foot of the Rockies” two-month summer mission with nearly 100 students in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This will give her an opportunity to help students grow in their faith as they live in a Christian community and engage in discipleship, study the Bible, and do outreach.  Their primary focus of ministry will be the spiritual formation of the Cru staff kids in the Cru19 Kids Care or Kids Camp summer program.

Contact information:  CRU, 100 Lake Hart Drive, Orlando, FL  32832  (888) 278-7233

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The Pathways Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit organization, helping women to navigate the pathways of life.  The Center is located at 70 Reddington Street in Littleton.  Other center locations serve women in the Colebrook and Berlin areas.  Pathways offer various services:  free pregnancy tests, counseling options, parenting classes, prenatal development and recovery studies.  They have a beautiful baby boutique where new moms can receive diapers and clothing for their child.  The boutique is stocked by area churches and faithful donors.  Pathways Mission Statement:  Pathways exists to support, educate and equip people to make life-affirming choices related to pregnancy, parenting, relationships and God. 

Contact information:  Pathways Pregnancy Center, 70 Reddington Street, Littleton, NH  03561   (603) 444-399          



Christian Ministries, Inc., founded the Light Radio Network in 1985, which is an independent non-profit organization and owns and operates two non-commercial Christian Radio Networks:  The Light and Air1 in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Canada.  The Light Radio Network is a 24/7 radio station with ten signals for the light and 3 signals for their sister station Air1.  Broadcasting includes a live morning and noon show, playing contemporary hit Christian music, and recorded programming to encourage, education and equip.

Contact information:  The Light Radio Network, 140 Main Street, Essex Junction, VT  05452   (802) 878-8885 



Pastor Richard Berry leads Shelters By Jesus, as he has a heart for the homeless in Maine.  Your support, contributions and prayers will enable them to meet the needs of those whom God puts in front of them and within their ministry.  The shelter is staffed primarily by the residents themselves.  Keeping this shelter afloat primarily lands on Pastor Berry’s shoulders as he travels the countryside speaking about the miracles the shelter has produced by God’s grace and accepting love offerings.  Pastor Berry says, “It’s all about Jesus!”  Physical:  first things first; get the homeless off of the street.  Spiritual:  we teach and heal through God’s Word.  We seek to live out our faith through the local church in accordance with the Word of God and to disciple believers to live organized missional lives ensuring that there are no needy among us physically or spiritually as in Acts 4:34.  Practical:  Shelter staff help them get back on their feet; reconcile with friends and family, heal from addictions and help them get back into society.  Come see us in person – we love visitors no matter who or where you are from!    

Contact information: 

Shelters by Jesus, 12 McLellan Street, Skowhegan, ME04976(207) 474-8833

Teach Beyond

Hannah Carignan is a missionary with Teach Beyond Transformational Education Services in Niger, Africa.  Their mission is:  “We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education.”   Hannah teaches third grade at Sahel Academy, which is about 70% missionary children and 30% local children.  God is transforming lives through education!  For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.  2 Timothy 1:7

Contact information: 

Teach Beyond, P. O. Box 610, Downers Grove, IL60515-0610(800) 381-0076



Youth Movement 360 engages regional youth to gather from all over the North Country once a week.  The world is in desperate need of a heart transplant.  Deep inside, people are wrestling with a pain that’s leaking out into their lives and spreading to others.  We see it all around us.  Something isn’t working.  A revolution is underway – a change of order.  It was started a long time ago by a great teacher on a hilltop in Galilee.  He taught his students so they could spread this revolution…and it is working.  He taught us that how we act on the outside comes from who we are on the inside.  If we’re going to change, it happens first on the inside.  YM360 believes that each young person has the potential to play a part in spreading this world revolution.  Each young person has a chance to change the world, and we’re committed to helping.  It starts on the inside – in their own hearts.  And then it grows, until it changes their characters, their choices, even the whole course of their lives.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It can change their lives, their schools and neighborhood - every person in every relationship they have for the rest of their lives.  It can even change the world.  And it can all start with them. 

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

 Contact information:  YM360, P. O. Box 362, Littleton, NH  03561 (603) 254-0089